10 Inevitable events in your life as a music director


1) You’ll regret at least one casting or contracting decision.

2) You’ll love your own show, even if it sucks.

3) Your first matinee day will settle the show, and after that, it will come much more easily.

4) Someone in the audience will ask you if the music was live.

5) Someone in the cast or creative team will question the consistency of a tempo (even when you’re using a metronome or click track).

6) Your name will be left off the program, or a press release, or some other important list.  (If not left off, it will be misspelled.)

7) You will save a show from disaster in performance by jumping ahead to follow a singer who just left out 36 measures, and no one will notice.

8) You will bring a show to the brink of disaster by skipping 36 measures, and no one will notice.

9) The score will contain a passage so illegible, incomprehensible, or musically nonsensical that you have no choice but to rewrite it, and you will, brilliantly.  And no one will notice.

10) You will master a piece of music that you once thought completely out of your reach, and perform it flawlessly and with sincere feeling night after night.  And… well, you know the rest.